Sonnex Energie will exhibit latest solar modules at Solar Solution Exhibition

Sonnex Energie will exhibit latest solar modules at Solar Solution Exhibition

  • 2024-03-16
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    As Sonnex focuses on product development and high-quality solar module production, we are going to exhibit our latest tech solar modules at Solar Solutions exhibition (Booth No. G29) at Great Expo Amsterdam, Netherland from 19 to 21 March 2024. Sonnex Energie is going to showcase our innovative full black smart solar modules TOPCon 430W with integrated Taylor®️ optimizer, and TOPCon bifacial dual glass black modules 430W with 30 years product warranty.

    From April, Sonnex will start to supply TOPCon solar module with rectangle cells and make higher power performance of the solar panels and we will combine this new type solar module with Taylor optimizer to offer smart modules above 440W for residential projects.

    Netherland is one of Top 10 PV markets in Europe and Sonnex Energie will continue to supply high quality, high efficiency and innovative solar products to support our partners and users. We believe that this exhibition will help our partners and potential partners in Netherland understand more about Sonnex Energie products and improve Sonnex brand awareness in the local market.

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