Sonnex Energie and Taylor announce strategic partnership to launch all black panels with integrated cell string optimizers.

Sonnex Energie and Taylor announce strategic partnership to launch all black panels with integrated cell string optimizers.

  • 2023-06-13
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    Taylor, a Dutch brand specializing in the development of electronics and software for high-performance solar systems, has joined forces with Sonnex Energie, renowned for its product design of solar panels. Their first joint offering is a 405 watt peak all black module with integrated cell string optimizers.

    Taylor's innovative cell string optimizer technology allows for the optimization and monitoring of each individual cell string within a solar module, maximizing the panel’s energy output. As of August, it will be available in Sonnex panels.

    "I am thrilled that through our partnership with Taylor, we are now able to offer this unique technology to the market,” says Eric Lee, General Manager of Sonnex Energie. “The integration of cell string optimizers in our 405 Wp modules really sets us apart and enables us to provide enhanced value to our customers."

    Taylor CEO Michiel Roelofs shares Lee’s enthusiasm: "In our search for a strategic partner capable of incorporating our technology into a high-quality product, Sonnex ticked all the boxes. We take great pride in announcing this partnership and eagerly anticipate future collaborations, including our work with new cell technologies."

    The panels will be released with distributors in the Netherlands in August.




    datasheet SNX-D54HP(S)

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    Eric Lee, Sonnex Energie GMBH, eric@sonnexenergie.de, +49 069 12000888 88
    Mitchel Kouwijzer, Taylor Technologies BV, m.kouwijzer@taylor.solar, +31 627064210

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