Sonnex released N-type IBC modules

Sonnex released N-type IBC modules

  • 2021-08-09
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    IBC (Interdigitated Back Contact) is one of the main directions for N-type solar cell technology. The P-N junction is on the back of the cells. As there are no busbar and fingers on the front side of cells, compared to PERC module some advantages exist,


    1. As there are no busbars and fingers on the front side, it eliminates the power loss on the front cells. Short circuit current improves 7% compared to PERC cells. Cell efficiency is more than 24% and module efficiency reaches up to 21.5%.
    2. Higher FF (Fill Factor) and lower hot spot risks with lower series resistance  
    3. Optimized cell surface design improves Voc and Isc
    4. Low Pmax temperature coefficient (-0.29%/℃) and power degradation (0.25% annually)
    5. Elegant appearance for residential projects

    Sonnex released IBC modules as our premium products for residential projects. Sonnex IBC modules could really improve the investment return. The same power project receives 7% more power with Sonnex IBC modules, compared to PERC solar modules, and projects gain 20% more power with Sonnex IBC modules compared with PERC PV panels in the same area projects in 25 years.


    Sonnex IBC modules include 60 cell series with power up to 390W and 66 series up to 430W. Highest module efficiency reaches 22%. Both all black and dual glass modules are available.



    Sonnex offers 25 years product warranty on single glass IBC modules 30 years product warranty on dual glass modules. Power warranty will be 1% for the first year and annual degradation less than 0.25% from the 2nd year and onwards. Remained power will be above 90% after 30 years. We will continue to offer most reliable and highest efficiency modules for various solar projects.



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